DenverBuild was incorporated in April 2006 with a commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients construction needs.

Our strength is derived from the vast experience of our personnel who have been directly involved in the building industry covering a vast range of commercial, residential as well as other infrastructural projects. This experience has been garnered from the Middle East, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and now Nigeria.

The essence of the firm is defined by the range and depth of our expertise which offer our clients a unique range of skills. We are committed to Customer Satisfaction, First-Class Service, Safety and employing a responsible approach to the environment.

We are a dynamic and goal-oriented company built on innovation, hard work and integrity; coupled with a vision to deliver projects with emphasis on satisfying and exceeding the clients’ objectives.


The opportunity to support a clients’ project with a “cradle to grave” Project management solution was a unique and exciting opportunity to enter the vibrant Nigerian market. DenverBuild entered the Nigerian market in 2013 with the award of its first construction contract in the country.

In a bid to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, we have grown our ability to provide flexibility and customization in the area of finance options for our clients.